Introducing Bread Puppies!

Bread Puppies

Are you all ready for some puppy breading!?

From the makers of the cute and cuddly Bread Kittens… we’ve heard you, dog lovers! Be prepared to take a journey into the land of Woofshire where puppies roam and frolic to their heart’s content! But oh no, a mysterious evil has brainwashed all the puppies and it’s up to you to rescue them! Collect as many puppies as you can, travel through each region to find rare and unique pups, and bake delicious bread as armor to help in battle!


  • Collect over 100+ REAL breeds of dogs!
  • Twelve stunningly beautiful regions to adventure through!
  • Over 150+ locations to battle through, with rare puppies appearing along the way!
  • Unlock bread recipes you can bake with flour as stat-boosting armor for your pups!
  • Rescue and give special names to your puppies!
  • Level up your puppies to prepare for EPIC boss battles!
  • Battle other puppy breaders in the multi-player Colosseum!
  • Enjoy the beautiful HD artstyle!

Requires iOS 6.0 and above to play.
Optimized for iPhone4, iPhone4S, iPhone5, iPod Touch and iPad


What’s New in Version 2.12.10 of Bread Kittens!


Make sure you visit Settings to enable iCloud!

NEW in version 2.12.10 of Bread Kittens, released June 25, 2013!

  • iCloud Support! You can now backup your game to iCloud and play across your devices. Also, if you are upgrading your device, you can restore old game saves to continue your adventure where you last left off. Awesome!

As always, please contact us here regarding any other comments or problems! Happy Breading!

Download or Update for for iOS meeeow!

What’s New in Version 2.08.3 of Bread Kittens!

Here’s the release notes for version 2.08.3 of Bread Kittens, released Apr 04, 2013!

  • WIDESCREEN SUPPORT! iPhone5 users rejoice, now you can play in full widescreen!
  • We made it a little easier to tap buttons during battles!
  • Fixed a bug sometimes requiring online connectivity to load the game.
  • Other minor bug fixes

Please contact us here regarding any other comments or problems!

Download or Update for for iOS meeeow!

What’s New in Version 2.05.1 of Bread Kittens!

Here’s the release notes for version 2.05.1 of Bread Kittens, released Feb 19, 2013!

  • FINAL REGION Malburg is now revealed! Will you and your kitten heroes succumb to ChowCorp’s will or defeat them and save all of Catlandia?
  • Game data bugfix update! Player who have been experiencing a rare issue with saving are encouraged to download this version to resolve remaining issues.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

We are aware of an issue in this version sometimes requiring an internet connection during app startup. We’re working hard on fixing the issue and we’ll release an update fixing the issue soon.

Please contact us here regarding any other comments or problems!

Download or Update for for iOS meeeow!

What’s New in Version 2.03.9 of Bread Kittens!

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day (or anti Valentine’s Day) last week! We know you all have been waiting anxiously for updates. Well, you’ll all be happy to hear that our kittens behind the scenes have been working hard on releasing exciting new features. Here’s the release notes for version 2.03.9 of Bread Kittens, released Feb 19, 2013!

Rare Recolors are here!

Have you breaded a recolor yet?

  • THE COLOSSEUM IS HERE! Battle online in real time with friends or random opponents with Game Center! Rank up to earn sweet in-game bonuses!
  • NEW REGION Snowridge Valley is now out with more rare cats to collect there! Defeat or capture the Leopard boss if you can!
  • RARE RECOLOR KITTENS have appeared in Catlandia! Stronger than average, these elusive cats with shiny stars and different pattern coats have a small chance to randomly appear on each region!
  • NEW FREE OFFERS can be found in the store with many chances to earn free in-game resources!

Ready to get breadin’!?

Download or Update for for iOS meeeow!

New Bake450 Website!

After a long wait, our shiny new website is finally up and running! We hope you enjoy every nook and cranny of it. We would have gotten it up working sooner, but well… the team over here was a little preoccupied. As you can see here in our lovely office photo, things were quite hectic, and a few of us got distracted with other th–ooh, STRING!

Office Kittens

“I’ve found a bug! Oh false alarm, it was just the laser pointer again.”

Ahem, excuse me. Back to the topic at hand! We hope you will find our lovely new site easy to navigate. An area for our full Bread Kittens FAQ will be added shortly, as well as more cohesive support options. In the mean time, please do visit our Facebook page to ask questions, or give us a tweet @Bake450.

What’s New in Version 2.02.2 of Bread Kittens!

Happy New Year Kitten Breaders! Here’s the release notes for version 2.02.2 of Bread Kittens, released Jan 10, 2013!

Our kittens behind the scenes have been working hard on releasing exciting new features:

  • EARN FREE MEOWBUX! Holiday shopping got your wallet feeling down? Never fear! Now available from the Store is an offer wall for players to earn Meowbux for FREE!
  • PREMIUM AD-FREE VERSION! Many of you have asked for a paid ad-free version of Bread Kittens. Your wish has been granted! Players who support us with a purchase of ANY Meowbux bundle made in the Store will now automatically join the premium kitten-breader club and *never* see ads again. Thanks to our fans for supporting us!
  • BUG FIXES! Stat increase bread should now correctly increase your kitten’s health both in and out of battle. Other miscellaneous bugs have also been fixed.

Happy breading, bakers!

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