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Bake450, Inc.
 is a top notch SF-based mobile gaming company founded by a pedigree of passionate gamers who love to build as well as play. Founded in 2013, we strive to only make games that we can truly be proud of; games that are unique, quirky, and above all else, fun.

Our flagship title Bread Kittens has garnered over 45,000 five star reviews on the App Store and has amassed a cult following of fans. We heard the feedback from our dog-loving players and we were met with the same amount of enthusiastic support for our twin title, Bread Puppies. Without our players, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love to do. Our belief is life should be fun, simple, a little crazy, so our games can be too.

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    Bake450: Pikaboo! You can't Bread Me :) #kittens #breadkittens

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    Bake450: Apple has just approved the new update fix. Please keep an eye out for the update. Once again, we are terribly...

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